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tact (1)

Once there was a very famous artist, Juan DeMarco.  He was approached by a wealthy lady, Maria Cortez, to make a portrait of her.  Maria was very rich and famous among the wealthy people.  She told Juan to make such a portrait of her that nobody has ever made.  Agreeing to her request, Juan told Maria for that she will have to give him some time and a picture perfect photograph of her and once in a fortnight she will have to visit him until the portrait is finished.  Maria agreed to all his conditions.

Juan was a very renowned artist.  He just knew how to paint what a person wants and how to make them happy when they see their paintings.  He was man of art, professional, and yet very simple and humble.

Maria on the other hand being very rich and famous had somewhat of a different outlook.  She always wanted something which would make her stand out from others in the community.  She was also fond of dogs and had many, but out of them Bruno, a Border Collie, was her favorite one.  She thought he was a very clever dog.  She always took him anywhere she went.

Juan worked day and night to complete the portrait.  He had put in everything he had in it.  After burning the midnight oil finally the portrait was ready.  Seeing the portrait it seemed like Maria herself was standing in front of him, so beautifully made and lively it was.  Juan decided to call Maria and let her know that the portrait was ready.

Next day morning, he phoned Maria.  She picked up the phone and was very happy to know that the portrait was ready.

Maria couldn’t wait for a second to see how it was.  Hurriedly she dressed up and took out her Benz and drove straight away to Juan’s workshop.  She was very excited and so was Bruno who was barking and wagging his tail seeing Maria so much excited.

Maria reached the workshop and Juan was there already at the door to receive her.  He said, “Madam, it is done.  Your beautiful portrait is ready just as you have desired.”  Maria said, “That’s great, let’s see.”

They entered the room where the portrait was kept.  Maria was holding the strap of Bruno who was also wagging his tail wanting to see the portrait that Juan had made.  Juan uncovered the portrait and “Wallah..!!! what a portrait !  It was just as Juan had said beautiful and out of the world”, thought Maria.

Maria looking at the Bruno said, “Bruno see your mistress’ portrait.  How beautiful it is”, but the dog did not show any interest in it.  She always thought that Bruno was cleverest of all and was very fond of him, but this time it had gone too far.  Bruno didn’t even bothered what she was saying.

Maria said to Juan “I do not like this portrait of yours and I do not want it.  It doesn’t even look like me.  See my cleverest animal cannot even recognize me in your portrait.”

Juan was a wise man.  He kept his cool.  He knew the weird ways of wealthy people.  He said to Maria, “Madam come again tomorrow.  I will make sure that I make it so real that your Bruno will wag its tail and lick it.”  “So be it”, said Maria and went away.

Next day morning, she came back to the workshop, but to her astonishment Bruno freed himself from her grip and ran towards the portrait wagging his tail and licking it wildly.  Maria was really impressed by it.  She said, “How wonderful, how beautiful, Bruno likes the portrait and so do I.” Juan asked for a hefty amount for the portrait and Maria agreed and paid him in full and went home happily.

Juan had a hearty laugh as he had rubbed the portrait with juicy piece of meat and its smell had lured Bruno, who ran wagging his tail and licking it, thinking it was a piece of meat.

In all I just want to say that it is tact, which one should have as, “tact can turn a bad business into a good one.”  Being artist is one thing and being wise another thing, but to survive you have to be both at same time because world out there always is ready to test you when ever you go out selling something.

 So, are you ready for it ?