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With the children having vacations, the best thing to do is “a perfect holiday”.  When the skies are bright and sunny for beaches, picnics, hiking, camping and what not is on your mind and just when it seems like that this is the perfect time to just do it, the soaring mercury raises the alarm in your mind.

Temperatures are nowadays are quite high, touching 40 to 45 degrees and with the scorching sun on the top and hot wind blowing it is really a task to plan an outdoor picnic or a vacation.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts’ to follow when you are out on vacation or picnic or just chilling out at home watching your favorite movie with family and friends.

Cool it off — Just where ever you are whether on a vacation, picnic, or in the house make yourself comfort by cooling off the surrounding.  I mean if you are on vacation and not doing anything else than chilling out, just hang around the pool or stay in the room and order some cool stuff like lemonade, juices and give your body a treat to beat the heat.  In home, you can just turn on the air conditioner or cooler, and chill with you favorite program or movies if not planning to go out.

Plan your day — Summers are really hot at times from 11 am to 4 pm which is the peak time when the sun is at its best.  Try to avoid going out at this time.  Finish all the work before or after the scheduled time.  Well, if you are on vacation and out, try to be near water body or place where there is lot of shade or trees.  Another best thing is that you can plan your holiday to a hill station, which has comparative lesser temperature.

Hydrate yourself — Keep yourself hydrated when out in the sun, resting, moving, or doing any other activity during the summertime.  The best way is to go for juices, shakes, thick shakes.  Fruits are really nice way to keep yourself hydrated i.e., watermelon, muskmelon, pomegranate are great heat busters.  Last but not the least butter milk and kachi lassi (made by mixing two tablespoons of milk in one glass of cold water — it keeps off the heat generated in your body after eating mangoes, in general acts as a coolant for body).

Outfits — While traveling or going out choose light colors and cotton clothes as compared to synthetic like nylon and rayon, etc., which stick to your body and does not allow the body to breathe.  Cotton absorbs the sweat and keeps your body ventilated.  Try to wear loose fitting clothes instead of one that clings to your body.  Keep your eyes protected with goggles and if you are a fan of hat, get one.

Splash — If you like swimming then take a dip, there is nothing best to do in the summer except this.  If you are out then spray your pulse points with water.  The veins closer to the surface when hydrated cools off the body and relaxes you, these are mostly near the neck and wrist.

Don’ts — Restrict yourself from caffeinated beverages, super sweet juices or shakes, beer, and alcohol they tend to act like diuretics and create more urge for fluids.  Also they disrupt the temperature regulation of the body thereby making it unstable.