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People think a lot before doing a thing, they ponder, they research, they explore, they exhaust themselves and leave no options till they reach to the conclusion.download

Sometimes, it is just do it…(attitude required…!!!)

Stop thinking and wasting your time, just let yourself out of that ugly box of yours. The world is ready to embrace you, just go get it….!!!



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This world is cruel.  They always love people who are fresh, have great ideas, new talents, multitasking, jack of all trades.  They teach you many things if you really want to learn.  This law is for the people who have seen good days and bad days.


Law #2:  Being on the top is very easy, but to stay on the top is very hard.



There was a washerman.  He had a donkey.  He used to wash clothes on the river bank.  The donkey used to carry the clothes.  Washerman used to put loads of clothes on him and he used to carry them as he was young and was in pink of his health.  Time passed by, donkey became old and he was now able to carry less clothes.  One day it happened – washerman and donkey were going to river bank.  As they were walking, the donkey unknowing slipped and fell in a big pit.  Now the washerman started to think that what he should do?  Whether he should try to help him or leave him there only.  He thought that as he was old and of no use he will bury him like this and get a new one.  So, thinking this he started putting mud on the donkey.  But donkey got the hint of his idea that something is wrong.  What he did that every time the washerman tried to put mud on him he jumped and shook all of the mud and came up.  The washerman kept putting mud thinking that he will bury the donkey alive and donkey kept on repeating what he did.  After some time, donkey was up again and got out of the pit.  The washerman was very much astonished to see this, but before he could think anything, the donkey ran away because he came to know the intention of the washerman.


The same thing happens to you when you are on top.  The people will allow you to stay there till you are useful for them and as soon as you are lacking somewhere you will be sacked.  So, to be on the top you will have to improvise and adapt because this world follows the funda, “survival for the fittest.”




There are times when people get down, depressed, broken, shattered by fate or by chance or deliberately by someone or the other reason.  They feel themselves like in a dark pit surrounded by most vicious of animals around them, ready to pounce and make their appetite.  Well, Guys!!  Life isn’t that bad as it seems like in the above stated words of mine.


It is always your call, your decision, and your own choice to decide what you want from it.  I have always said to everybody whosoever I met that it is what you make out of your life is important and not what is meant for you by the fate, as it is only present which belongs to you not the past or the future.  You always live the moment, not live the past or future because you cannot change what is done and you cannot control what is going to happen, but what you can do is live the best out of present moment.


Here are some tips to get yourself charged up if you are feeling depressed.  Just follow these and find yourself inspired and rejuvenated with life full of possibilities.


Forget past

Do not even care to think about what was it because it will yield you nothing but depression and pain which you want to leave behind.  Try to concentrate on present make it better, live it.


Concerned what other think ?

What do people think of you when you do anything is getting to your head and bothering you.  Leave it aside as it is nothing but hindrance in your growth and happiness.  Try to live a carefree life, stop thinking about what people are thinking about you and enjoy.


Time heals !!

Yes, time is really a good medicine for everything.  You know how, because it keeps on changing and is never the same.  Give time to everything in your life as it is best you can do to inspire yourself and grow.


You are the reason !!

No one is the reason of your happiness, but you and you only.  It is what you do to yourself makes you happy and sad.  So, come out of the box, make yourself feel good and be happy.  It is not so much difficult as it looks like.


Don’t compare !!

Do not compare you lifestyle and life with anyone else because everyone has his own.  Try to be contained within what you have and what you can be by concentrating on present.  Just be focused to your goal and you will get what you want.


Too much reasoning !!

Just do not go into the topic so much that you forget what you were actually going to do.  Just stay focused on the goal and evaluate the pros and cons of the situation and act accordingly.  It will definitely yield in success.  But too much thinking will yield you nothing and exhaust you to the point of hopelessness and helplessness.



Well, this is the most easy thing which you can do to inspire yourself.  Smile, it does not cost you a penny.  It will just boost your self-esteem and give you the power to be on the top of the world.  Smile can do miracles where other things can’t, so be happy and smile.


These are all the tiny little things that we tend to forget when we are angry, depressed, or in a situation when stress is too much.  I would not guarantee that this would work but what is wrong in giving it a try, I think there is nothing to lose by following it.





Reggie was just walking down the aisle which led to the mall.  It was the shortcut from his residence.  Just then he heard sweet voice as if some bird was chirping.  He turned around and looked to right just near the garbage can were two eyas (babies of hawk).


He was very kind hearted.  He picked them up and took them to his residence.  He lived near the river and his residence was the last after which the dense forest started.  He thought that he can not bring up eyas and thought of giving them to his friend who was an ornithologist, Jack Palmer.


He went to Jack and handed over the young ones to them.  Time passed by, Reggie was just sitting on the porch one day and was thinking what might have happened to eyas which he handed over to Jack.


So, he went to Jack.  He was very excited to see that they had turned into beautiful, elegant hawks by now.  He requested Jack that he wanted to see them fly.  On Reggie’s request Jack let them loose and they took flight.  One of them was flying sky high and the another one, he just took one round and went to the tree nearby and sat on the branch of the tree.


Reggie after seeing this asked Jack, “what has happened to this one? Why he is not flying like the other one?”  Jack had no answer.  He also said that whenever he let them go for a flight one of them used to fly high in the sky and the other one just took one round and sat on the branch of the tree.


Observing this Jack thought of consulting his colleague who was like him an ornithologist, Augustus Pablo.  Augustus told Jack that he would like to come down and observe both hawks.  Jack agreed to his decision.


Next day, Augustus came, Reggie was also there with Jack.  All three of them sat inside the room discussing about the hawks.  Just then suddenly Augustus stood up and said, “You guys stay here, I will just come in a second.”  Saying that he went towards the cage where the hawks were there.


Then after some time he called Jack and Reggie screamingly, “Jack !! Reggie !! guys come here.  You will just like to see this.”  Reggie and Jack ran outside and to their amazement they saw that both the hawks were flying in the sky very high.  All three of them look at them and just started laughing.


Reggie and Jack asked Augustus, “Hey man, what did you do?  How are the both hawks flying so high in the sky?”  Augustus replied, “Guys, nothing.  I just cut the branch on which that hawk was sitting again and again.  So, now his favorite place is gone where he was used to sitting for a long time that is why he is flying high with his fellow hawk in order to find new one.”


We all have potential to fly high and dream big, but sometimes in the life we are so used to sitting at one place that we are afraid of taking risks and moving ahead in life.  By doing this, we are just becoming our own obstacle.  We stop to grow, forget our potential, what we are, what we can be, and what we should be.


So, if you are at one place for so many long years and you feel like this is the place where I should not be then cut that branch and move ahead because there is much more potential in you than what you think of yourself.  Motivate yourself towards progress, never be stagnant.  The day you are still you fail yourself, you fail to grow, forget your worth, your potential, your strength.


So, stop being a zombie, get up and move ahead.  I know you still have it in you.