With the life in top gear everybody needs to do more in less time.  This attitude is now a trend and is thereby subjecting to higher stress levels in individuals.

Health survey done shows that out of 100 people 80% of the people are plagued by stress, 20% are trying to cope with it, and 10% are effectively able to do it.

Here are some of the simple ways to deal with it.


Write it down

There are many small details we need to remember in order to complete certain tasks in our daily routine like banks, e-bills, account numbers, cell phone numbers, etc.  Jolt it down somewhere, where they are easily accessible, so that they do not make you run around.


Also to chalk down are the regular activities which provoke the stress in day to day routine.  Try to avoid them or change them as required.  Do lifestyle re-modelling if need be.


Exercise routinely

Simple yet effective.  There is no need to do an aggressive routine daily but small regular work out can do the magic.  The funda is to just take time out from your regular routine and indulge yourself in a stress-free environment.  Try breathing exercise which are quite helpful.  Breathe in and hold your breathe for few seconds and leave it slowly with concentrating on breathing and nothing else.  This will surely lower you blood pressure and bring down the stress level.  Cardio and yoga are also some great options to work out for the people who do not want to put themselves in heavy gym workout.


Some of the techniques you can relax with are:

  • Massage therapy

Get yourself a good massage if possible.  It will relax and loosen your body up and make it tension free.


  • Aromatherapy.

This is one of the popular therapy now a days to relax and rejuvenate your body.  Need to try this out.


  • Stretching.

Gentle stretching after the work can also do wonders and relax your overworked muscles.  Just try to do it properly under proper guidance.


  • Yoga.

Another simple but an effective technique practiced for ages.  This not only uplifts your immune system but also provides stamina and strength to the muscles.


  • Meditation.

This is a state of art of relaxing at anytime anywhere you want.  Just the requirement is to concentrate and leave your body loose and just relax.  This is a simple but good way to get energized.


Explore things that relaxes you

After a days work, just try to find out an activity which will really relax you down, it can be listening to music, drawing, watching a movie of your choice, just hanging out at your favorite place with friends, or anything.


The point is to make your mind free from a regular routine.  It is just because of the monotonous routine that a person follows makes him so stressful, just go out of way and do something which is not in a routine and is just for fun.


Good sleeping pattern

Sleep is one of the important aspects of the stress busting.  Everyone needs a proper rest.  Allow your body to get a good night sleep.  Sleep at least 7 hours so that your body gets rejuvenated.


This will not only make you more functional but also improve your efficiency.  Avoid taking power naps, as it fakes your mind with rest and just gives a kick to do more when your body isn’t working to the fullest.



Sharing your problems with spouse and colleagues can be a good way to relieve yourself from the stress.  Share about the problems you are facing at work or health problems you have. 


This will not only relieve you from the extra burden but also will provide you with a sense of relief. Talking it out is one real boon for stress busting.


Take time out

Give yourself little breaks.  Small breaks from the routine work sessions can be helpful.  This will not only give a change to you but also refresh your mind and body to act more fluently to the task.  Just take a walk out, have fresh air, walk around.

time out

If there is a garden nearby, go and see some greens there.  Changing the environment can work wonders for you.  Taking time out is equally important as working, so never forget to do it regularly.



Try to avoid alcohol and cigarettes, as they are nothing but mind altering things which does not relax the body, but even put more burden on it by making them work under pressure.


Better to be safe than sorry.  Healthy habits can help a person to live better life.  Try to cultivate good eating and lifestyle so that it is helpful to lead a good and healthy life.


5 thoughts on “7 WAYS TO KEEP STRESS AT BAY”

  1. This study is full of proven facts of life.Marvellous Jitneesh! you too will go along way if really these norms of HeALTH ARE OBSERVED.

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