There are times when people get down, depressed, broken, shattered by fate or by chance or deliberately by someone or the other reason.  They feel themselves like in a dark pit surrounded by most vicious of animals around them, ready to pounce and make their appetite.  Well, Guys!!  Life isn’t that bad as it seems like in the above stated words of mine.


It is always your call, your decision, and your own choice to decide what you want from it.  I have always said to everybody whosoever I met that it is what you make out of your life is important and not what is meant for you by the fate, as it is only present which belongs to you not the past or the future.  You always live the moment, not live the past or future because you cannot change what is done and you cannot control what is going to happen, but what you can do is live the best out of present moment.


Here are some tips to get yourself charged up if you are feeling depressed.  Just follow these and find yourself inspired and rejuvenated with life full of possibilities.


Forget past

Do not even care to think about what was it because it will yield you nothing but depression and pain which you want to leave behind.  Try to concentrate on present make it better, live it.


Concerned what other think ?

What do people think of you when you do anything is getting to your head and bothering you.  Leave it aside as it is nothing but hindrance in your growth and happiness.  Try to live a carefree life, stop thinking about what people are thinking about you and enjoy.


Time heals !!

Yes, time is really a good medicine for everything.  You know how, because it keeps on changing and is never the same.  Give time to everything in your life as it is best you can do to inspire yourself and grow.


You are the reason !!

No one is the reason of your happiness, but you and you only.  It is what you do to yourself makes you happy and sad.  So, come out of the box, make yourself feel good and be happy.  It is not so much difficult as it looks like.


Don’t compare !!

Do not compare you lifestyle and life with anyone else because everyone has his own.  Try to be contained within what you have and what you can be by concentrating on present.  Just be focused to your goal and you will get what you want.


Too much reasoning !!

Just do not go into the topic so much that you forget what you were actually going to do.  Just stay focused on the goal and evaluate the pros and cons of the situation and act accordingly.  It will definitely yield in success.  But too much thinking will yield you nothing and exhaust you to the point of hopelessness and helplessness.



Well, this is the most easy thing which you can do to inspire yourself.  Smile, it does not cost you a penny.  It will just boost your self-esteem and give you the power to be on the top of the world.  Smile can do miracles where other things can’t, so be happy and smile.


These are all the tiny little things that we tend to forget when we are angry, depressed, or in a situation when stress is too much.  I would not guarantee that this would work but what is wrong in giving it a try, I think there is nothing to lose by following it.



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