It all started with love.  Love is a beautiful feeling, a state of mind where we feel relaxed, secured, and absolutely carefree in the company of one we love.  Nowadays, there are times when people have failed love, and that is where the counselors have stepped in.

Love in a relation is replaced with depression, anger, fights, tension, and altercations.  All this just because they fail to keep up with the spark which all started the relation.  People are getting married and in two months getting divorced – the beautiful feeling of love being replaced by anger and pain of broken relationships.

Well keeping up with love isn’t that hard guys.  Just imagine a couple when in love they care, they spent time with each other, they share, they feel, they live every moment together whether be it pain or happiness, joy or sorrow.  Then what do they do wrong just after the marriage that they can’t keep up with the love they have it in their hearts? – A simple but a typical question who just can’t understand what went wrong.

There are ways to keep up with love.  Here are some of them just give it a try if you think that your relationship is going through a tough time or the spark you had before marriage isn’t there now, or something is missing in your relationship.



Never miss out the time with your beloved.  As you have spent a lot when you were in love and what after the marriage? Have you done it religiously?  If you haven’t, give some time to her, talk to her like you did, and be there for her.



Well small things do matter, appreciation is a small gesture which can make a person know that you care about what she does.  It keeps the love alive.



Cherish each and every moment with your beloved, make it special.  Whether it is by taking her out for dinner to a restaurant or just cook a nice candle light dinner for her.  A little change in routine can make the difference.  Treat her like she is special, someone who is just for you.



There are times when we do not choose the situation, but it chooses us.  Just remember to not get angry in a relationship, it won’t solve a thing — will just make it even worse.  The biggest thing to avoid is anger.  Just see beyond it why and what made it happen.  What was the discussion that started it all, get to it and resolve.  Never take any decisions when you are angry because anger makes your mind unstable and impairs your decision making quality.



Love is all about caring for each other, talking with each other.  People tend to talk very less day by day.  There are times when the talk becomes routine like “I am going to job honey.”, “I have come back from job”, “how was your day”, “anything new ?” and just weaning day by day.  Communication between partners is what makes your love strong and understanding better because by talking only you come to know how a person is thinking, what he cares about, what he likes or what he doesn’t, what are the priorities and what are the plans for future.  It is better to talk than keeping mum.



One of the integral part of a relation is respect or honor.  It is what you give that comes back.  Respect each other and each others decisions, dreams, and opinions.  This can cultivate a great bond between the two.



It is not one would expect from anybody who loves.  Avoid domination in a relation if you want the love to grow.  Domination would just restrict a person in many ways thereby creating a feeling of aversion.



One thing I know that love is a feeling that comes from inside, it is pure, it is pious, it is true, and strong.  People in love do care for each other.  Lets us try to make this world a better place to live.


Spread the love, as it is infectious.

Spread the love because it pious

Spread the love because it heals

Spread it because it makes you feel

Spread it so no one gets hurt

Spread it because it is so much more

Spread it because it never fails

Spread it because it’s only love and love is all I have to take you heart away.



  1. Hello Mr. Layal,

    I loved reading your post.
    This is true….” Spread it because it’s only love and love is all I have to take you heart away.”

    Love n light

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