happy father's day

He is the one with whom I started to learn my life.  He is the one who made me who I am.  He is the reason why I am here writing this up.  Words are very less to describe him.  Thinking where to start from – the first time when he picked me up in his arms or when he kissed my forehead and felt the joy that cannot be defined or when he was out there shouting to the world that he had become a proud father.

He is my mentor.  I still remember the time he used to teach me, make me study hard, trying to take out the best of me.  I still miss the time when he used to play with me and run behind my cycle when I was learning to ride it.

He never stopped for a while to think about himself, always on the go, doing some thing or the other, keeping himself busy with what he could do to make me a better person.  Still I can recall the time when he used to go to work on bicycle kilometers and some times take us movie on it.  Those days I really cherish.

Walk with him and the picnics which we went, times when we enjoyed together are some of my life’s best moments.  The moments which are framed right in the center of my heart glowing with pride, honor, and respect for him.

He has always been there for me whether it was the good times or bad.  He has always been like a friend, a colleague, a mentor, a guide, a teacher, and what not when the time required to be.

He made me grow under his shadow protecting and caring me all the time.  He was there when I first started walking and fell down; he was there when I first started talking and babbled, and when I first said “dada”.  He taught me how to do the things which I could have never done without his help.

It is true that one never realizes until when he has experienced what it is to be a father.  It is the time when my 4-year-old son came to me this morning and kissed me and said, “Dad, Happy Father’s Day”, just tears came in the eyes as it flashed to me that I am too a son to a father and a father to a son.

This piece of write-up cannot define the love, respect, honor, faith, trust, believe, warmth, care that I have for my father, as words are very miniscule to define what he is to me.  He has stood up for me for the times when no one was there to support.  He is my courage, my strength, my hope and faith.

It is never too late to say Happy Father’s Day whether be it or not; for me it is and always will be everyday a Happy Father’s Day everyday.

Be there for him as he has been there for you all your life.



4 thoughts on “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”

  1. Feelings and emotions are things that cannot be communicated by words. When I went through your above blog, it seemed as if I was transported back in time to my childhood. Dads are like that!

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